When you walk into our store a recorded message will play          " STOP !  You must read the signs on the swinging doors before ENTERING, once you Enter, YOU AGREED, This is ONLY if you don't make a purchase of $ 5.00 or more.
If you would like to keep your photo and information off of our site, Then think twice about SHOPLIFTING, NOT paying the Browsing Amusement Fee or Abusing our Store Policies or Disrespecting Us.
They refused to pay the browsing amusement fee 
This person  was told he was not permitted back into the store or on the property due to not wanting to follow store policies.  He also mentioned he was a retired police officer and a member of the community and I didn't know who I was messing with.  He also called me a fuckin queer and as I told him, it takes one to know one.
 Punk was tolded not to come back to the store or permitted on the property, after he called me an asshole and told me to go and fuck myself.  I can't help he can't read or chose not to, LOOK he passed one of our posted signs and he even passed the same one when you entered with a red strobe light.  Ps he stated he's going to sue me, LOL get in line.  Funny how people think they can just walk all over you and cuss you out, due to their ignorance.  He must of been having a bad day and took it out on us.
He stated that he is not paying the browsing fees and even told me I can get his phone number off his van, pretty bad that another business man would refuse to pay for our services.  Um wonder if I can use his service stairbusters and not pay him?  They came in as a couple.
He claimed to have no money and we told him if he pays we will remove his picture, He was respectful to us. 
This guy don't know when to shut up and said, "it's his freedom of speech to cuss us out."  Well not here it's my store and this ASSHOLE was told not to come back.  Got a handicap plate on his truck, not a damn thing wrong with him cussing and walking around in here, must be for his mouth.
Refused to pay and didn't care if we posted his picture.  Pa Plate number YVB5968 Black Ford F-150
Pull in with your white Escalade and bitch about having to pay the browsing fee.  As she made the comment "I understand 1 person having to pay but not a couple."  Well from my point, I thought I was watching Pretty Women part 2.  Hanging on each other kissing and acting like young fools, get a room, ps we don't RENT ROOMS LOL. Just because this is an Adult Novelty Store, you would think some would still have MORALS.
When they were asked if they need any help or suggestions, they replied, "we don't need your advice."  I think they stopped at the wrong place, they should've headed to the Quality Inn.
This person was told not to come back to my store, due to bitching about our security system and threatening to reporting it to the authorities.  Just another asshole.  Makes you wonder was he up to no good and the cameras stopped him
Meet Ben Oshe and Kicker !  They don't agree with our browsing/amusemnet fee so she decides to take her anger out on my door.  The State Police was notified and I am filing charges.    Comes in acting all shy and turns into a Ms Chuck Norris.  I really didn't think she could lift her leg up that high.
09-23-10 This ASSHOLE had the option to just turn around and leave, but made a scene, before he did.  Claimed he slept with my mother. Who or whatever my mother has fucked*ed is her business and personally I don't think this TROLL could get it UP.
This asshole caused one hell of a scene and bitched about 5.00 but wanted to go to a titty bar.  I guess he was planning on using pennies.  Utah Plate Z9432Y
Please notice, they read our signs and also hear the voice announcement, but they both want to argue with us anyway.  They claim they didn't understand, see or hear.  God help us and I guess some need hookedonphonics.
These DRUNKS Refused to pay browsing fee, and the guy in blue shooting his mouth off about people being queer, I think he needs to look in the mirror.
LOOK, not only do I hear the audio announcement I am reading the signs by pointing them out, but we decide these rules do not apply to us, by calling the police.   Click link below and see for yourself.
He asked after browsing the store.  People try to come up with anything, so they think they don't have to pay.
Cussing at us and said, "I will never be back."  as he threw $ 5.00... LOL and then the idiot drove over the curb ... was funny to see his ass flopping around as he went up over it !!!!
This dude walks in, listens to announcement, then turns to pre-recorded message box and says, "Fuck you."  As he leaves we greet him with a Fuck you and he doesn't like it, watch videos (LOL)  Click on links to watch below. 
The 2 stars were Pictures of 2 men, that came back and paid the browsing fee and also were very RESPECTFUL.  Thanks Guys 
PA PLATE # FWJ 7816 white car leaving.....  
Coming IN, watch below
Showed them 2 pieces of merchandise cause there cheap asses didn't want to pay a browsing fee if they didn't make a purchase, but shooting there mouth off they were gonna spend big money LOL. watch below.
2nd time for the toastmaster to come in and just bitch and run his mouth.  
We were considering of removing the video, but due to an email we received, the video will remain up.  Funny how people think. Were NOT going to enable excuses for the ignorance.   E-mail is from: bthripp has posted a comment on your channel:

          These people claim to be "business people" but all that they are are rude, inconsiderate human beings ( if that's what you want to call them) that just enjoy making fun of others. Please at least learn how to spell correctly if you  are going to make fun of someone! How pathetic as business owners that you treat people the way you do! I will make sure to tell everyone I know what kind of rude people you are by making fun of others. Grow up! Hopefully word will get around and you will lose many customers.
What an ASSHOLE this guy is !!!  He gets a little booze in him, he thinks he's the HULK.  Banned from Illusions.  Refused to pay 5.00 
asking if we have coloring books, this isn't toys R us dumb ass
Aaron Kaler 
695 Rail Road Street
Jersey Pa 17749

Didn't agree of the 5.00 fee without making purchase so he thinks he can blurt out the Queer word.  Funny that's always on ones mind when one gets heated.

Fuck YOU Aaron
814-952-0675  called here at 12:10 A.M. and threatend us with a lawsuit for posting information on our website.  caller would not give name.  We did call caller back and asked for his name, but he declined and we stated we will post his threat online.  He did call back at 12:13 A.M. and made threats again... all calls are recorded.
These two drunken assholes come in wanting to waste our time.  Again they think they are a customer even though they weren't going to make a purchase !!!  Besides these assholes were ejected.  The Elvis looking one even threw a pencil at me LMFAO as he aimed and missed me
724-859-4971  Keeps calling our establishment and pranking.  The persons were warned before, not to call back or there number would be posted. So these people must have a sense of humor so give them a call. 
Again to all of our paying Customers, This is why we have our policy at the door.  These type of people are NOT customers !!!  These are the pain in the asses we don't want in our business.  
Kevin Balchunas shared a link.
about an hour ago
http://www.illusions2.com/ is an adult store ran by a homosexual in Kittanning Pa, 16201. Today I watched them proudly displaying an Obama – Biden sign in their parking lot. Ignorance must be bliss! Email your voice to : 7245484800@comcast.net They also accept text msgs to (724)548-4800


Refused to pay the 5.00 browsing fee, due to our movie room takes 10.00 from 11:00 am to 10 PM.  The old bastard was very opinionated but couldn't read or follow the rules we already have and telling us how it should be 

Plate #  ESE 2492  PA
Walk in with a mouthful of cig smoke and exhaled it, in our entrance, What an ASSHOLE !  The NO SMOKING sign outside the door means NO SMOKING you white trash idiot !!!
He read the sign and stated he forget wallet in car, which is his caravan Plate # HXF1728 Gold 
Randall thought he was Mr. Tough guy, as he twisted my wrist in parking lot, cause his plate information was taken.  Randall was advised of the Castle Doctrine, which for his sake was NOT enforced. 
"Mike P" This drunken ass came in knowing the rules and could barely stand.  He pushed me thinking he is all tuff, but ran cowardly.  He is on video of pissing in my lot and the penisless bastard should of been embarrassed of exposing nothing.  Guess his arm muscles make up for his little dick.  
This guy claims to be NEW to the area, but is a gay closested male.  Claims not to want drama but sure didn't have a problem staring it with me due to our RULES.  This ass must not understand the concept of our rules, but didn't have a problem shooting his text messages to us.  Hire your attorney now, as you stated u would, the one you blow, as you stated also.
This IDIOT ! actually just walked in and came to counter and said I'm not paying to just look around, I said then fuckin turn ur ass around and leave if your not here to make a purchase.  We cater to our paying customers, NOT THESE types of fools.
Well another asshole !!!  We will call him Negative Nancy.  Just stands there and shoots off his mouth with a fuck you, cause of our rules.  This is what we DON'T want as a Customer!  ps he grabbed his pocket and said he gots lots of money, and I suggested he needs to invest it into his Ford Pickup.
This guy comes back to the store with attitude and demanding his picture to be taken down.... It's oblivious he doesn't respect the RULES that we have in place... Then he called twice threatening with an attorney... What a joke... Congratulations Andrew we now got an updated picture of you and DO NOT TRESPASS, by coming to the store again.  He gave us 3 days to remove his information.  His picture is below of him and his wife as he instructed us to get his phone number off of his business van stairbusters.  This happened about 4 or 5 years ago and NOW it's an ISSUE... ??
ya.... another dumb ass who can't read or understand message... this is what we don't want.... Nissan  Plate HXS 47401
This guy in Kings uniform asked for a job application to work here and gets all cocky with me and I said, "Do you really think we would hire you asshole."  Then he replied by calling me scum and every other word in the book and said look where you work... LMFO.... but he inquired for an application here... umm another fucking nut....
This ASS,reads the signage and hears the audio recording and even laughs about it to me and tells me he likes my sign..  Then becomes a real ass causing a scene about our rules and was just a browser himself.. Told him to shut his mouth or he will be posted for disrespting us.  His mouth kept running and stated he will hire an attorney... LOL  hope Legal Aid can assist him.
Unreal !! These people walk in and as I explained the rules to them,about the browsing fee if you do NOT make a purchase, He told me to go and fuck myself and the company... I said excuse me.  I went and got their plate # and next thing you know they call 911 to report me taking their plate #.... This is exactly what we will NOT tolerate nor want these type of people in our establishment....  Simply just walk OUT if you don't like our rules and sir.. go fuck yourself now.....
The first picture is of driver of the vehicle who's passenger threw out McDonalds garbage over fence.  It's all on video.  We notified the number that called and the person claims, He doesn't know who he let borrow his cell phone.  This matter is being turned over to the police for littering.  Sorry Driver you will be the one getting the fine.  Your responsible for your passenger.  These people are banned from our store.
Most people with common sense would call and make things right, but for those who don't or won't accept responsibilities act like this.
Comes in, READS our RULES, and even brings merchandise to counter.  Well he claimed he had to go to his vehicle to get his wallet.  Funny he sped out of our parking lot... This is why we have rules, to keep people from wasting our time.  Just another ass.
Once you come thru the gate, YOU agreed to our terms..... Again, This is a business to make money and a place to feel comfortable to shop, Not to make one uncomfortable or to be an IDIOT....
Unreal... This guy comes in without I.D. due to a recent DUI from what he told me.  I said, "Sorry you are going to have to get a Photo I.D. and come back.  He gets all cocky with me and tells the girl he was with who had Photo I.D. I wouldn't buy anything from here... What an ASS... I didn't tell you to get a DUI and I'm just doing my JOB. ps.... he also mentioned he was 20 yrs old and he shouldn't of been drinking either.   
 As they were exiting, the clerk asked may I help you?  Yes we were looking for Double Penetrators and Vibrating Nipple Clamps, which we have.  The CHEAP ASS just wanted to be argumentative and refused to pay. He questioned what are we going to do about it...... Well this matter was resolved.

She's just laughing and said, " I'm from out of town and I don't want to buy anything."  This is a prime example.  This is a business to make money and to make our customers comfortable, not a fucking Adult Day Care Center......   Want to browse, go to our website, you can spend all day on it, if you like.... 
Porter... Thinks the rules should change, cause he knows me and boy did I get to know the real ass he is...  Over  5.00.... This is why we have our rules to keep one's out like HIM.
Text messages are in the video below.  Porter wanted to do work for free for me and I declined.  I said, "NO."  We pay for what we want, this way there is no misunderstanding.  He said ok, well whatever you pay is fine.  The window he was going to install for me was like back in October (lol)  Well according to my calendar, It's almost mid January.  Well Porter comes in like 2 weeks ago with a window that he gives me, with my husband here.  Ok I thanked him but said, No I need clear glass and thanked him, so Porter told me to keep it and get clear glass.  So I did.  Well when Porter comes in, I've been giving him discounts and even a free item.  Well shit after no window and just bullshit stories, I stopped giving free items and discounts.  I even told my husband, I don't want him doing the work..... cause I showed him what I wanted and he still wanted me to draw it on paper... wft nah this will turn out to be a nightmare and a hole in my wall LOL .... and yes Porter I can afford a contractor and your 5.00 isn't going to break me, it's the principal and your the ignorant one.
P.A. Plate JME 8702
This PIG thinks he can litter, well PIG you might do that in WV in your backyard but you aint doing it here...
This mother fucker acting stupid... Simple question I asked him when he entered, "are you here to shop or go to video room?  He replied I don't know.. I told hm the rules and he said this is ridiculous and called me an asshole... I said ,"your the asshole mother fucker now get out."  
He came to the counter and asked, "Where is the hardcore shit?"  She replied, I don't know what you mean as into magazines or movies.  He said, "movies."  He was directed into that room.  He took a quick glance and said, "You don't have that much and he was told over 800 DvDs.   He was told about browsing fee and he said he aint paying shit.  This is the kind of asshole, that I'd like to wrap in an American Flag and burn his ass.
Plate#  DV 94902
These 2 assholes spent 20 minutes in here browsing... then was going to leave without paying browsing fee... The pig in the blanket mouthing off and saying this isn't right, even though he heard the voice announcement and read the signs.... The Pig in a blanket then threatened to knock out our glass window in the door.


These are the type of assholes we will NOT permit in our store... The police were notified as Clint Reesman was notified on Facebook, that they are not permitted back on property and if they do they will be charged with trespassing.
Joshua Hatley used his credit card and I asked for I.d after I processed it, due to Joshua's signature did NOT match from his card and receipt signature.  He said, "What does it matter, you already processed it."  I replied back and said, "You are correct, I did process it, but if your Id didn't match you wouldn't of gotten the card back."  Joshua flipped out on me and became irate... I said, "WOW you should appreciate us doing our job.  The way we process is NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER BUSINESS EXCEPT WE ACTUALLY DO I.D YOU IF YOUR SIGNATURE DOESN'T MATCH... 
So Fuck YOU  JOSHUA....

724-882-2326 Called our establishment at 10:51 am on 8/21/16  trying to be funny and the bitch simply wasn't... but she was told the call is being recorded as we also informed her, her number will be posted online, now who's laughing..... Your number will simply be blocked from our system now.... LOL  
This ignorant prick trying to use his disability,feeling he shouldn't have to pay the browsing fee,claiming he didn't hear the voice message even though it's posted.  Then this jackass is pointing out that our sign should be posted on the side wall and not in front of the swinging gates.  What a fucking dumb ass !!  We don't discriminate and handicap people will follow the same rules as those who aren't.  Oh and the most famous line, we're being sued.  Please mother fucker get in line.  Don't abuse your handicap and think your ignorance is acceptable.
Video coming ... of this dickhead ringing bell and running away... grow up you fucking dumb ass.  He was at the bar, and this is the fucking shit we put up with at times.... A fucking grown ass man acting like he's 12 and he's permitted to drink... see just because he's legally allowed to drink, doesn't mean he should be allowed.
Just another asshole who thinks our rules don't apply to him... 
oooh L@@K another asshole who thinks our rules don't apply to him... well they do Lic plate #   HCS 7629
This FUCKING CLOWN calling another a clown... Seriously... This asshole was WARNED and even listened to our rules, but THE CLOWN wanted a fight....   This CLOWN was pissed, because I posted a sign about people treating our store like a flea market.  The sign says we're like Walmart and you don't negotiate their pricing SO FUCK YOU... License Plate ZJJ 7805 FORD F-150 CHARCOAL GRAY
I see no signage nor hear anything, even though I did.... but wanted a free glimpse... well ass the rules apply to you as they do to everyone else.
The asshole listened to whole message and knew what the rules were, but lied to us about coming back in to purchase a tobacco pipe.  He was warned,that he would be posted if he just left... well now you see another asshole on the list.
He admitted he didn't listen to our message or bother reading our rules.  After lollygagging the jackass said, "I only need directions to a strip club."  I said,"Do I look like fucking map quest."  So the asshole refused to pay the browsing fee and said about hiring his attorney.  I told him hire his attorney as I'll have 5 to your 1.  Then he kindly told me to fuck off, I kindly said,You go and fuck yourself now....   Plate #  PA JTS 7832
Carolyn Bennett got busted for shopliffing and is banned from Illusions.  
Same bullshit story, I didn't hear or read till I passed the swinging doors, Well guess what dude, The browsing fee applies to YOU as well... this is exactly why we have it, cause people like you are just a waste of time.  
This lady threatened to give us bad reviews on the internet... oh what a character she was... after dropping 3 items and damaging our packaging she fount nothing, after 40 mins of browsing... unreal
This cocky BITCH, just wanted to kill time and act like a fucking moron and our policy forbidded her of doing so... so she mouths off our stuff is a piece of shit... she is the typical white trash.... honey put your clothes on before entering a business, your not at Walmart .  
412-453-7024 decided to prank us.... The caller wants to know about anal beads, so if any of you want to help this caller.... call ... 412-453-7024
WTF is wrong with people like this???  They read and listened to our rules, but still want to fight about the browsing fee.  The first question from him was, do we have a restroom... and they took their tour of the store and cheap ass fuckers were just walking out.  She refused to pay and stated this is illegal.  NO deaf ears, these rules keep people out like YOU.  She stated she'd never be back... Thank GOD, cause her broke ass and one's like her would not keep us in business.  NOW go hire your attorney as whatever he is to you stated he was going to do.  They were told never to come back.  License Plate is ZFP 7169
I'd think after all the money she got from the tooth fairy, surely she had $ 5.00
L@@K how the smile went away, after the bitch got all bitchy about not paying the browsing fee... 
This is a group that came up from Mel's.  The 2 dickheads in the door, were gonna be nothing but problems. Look at dickhead holding a beer can, as he rung the bell when his cheap ass left due to the browsing fee.  See our policy works... We don't have time for these kind of assholes.  
Wow.... another one.  He visited our video room and our rules are loud and clear on motion voice message stating when done watching movies you are to leave immediately or you will pay the browsing fee if you go on the sells floor without making a purchase of 5.00 of more.    So he threatens me with a law suit (LOL) cause he thinks he doesn't have to follow our rules.  PA Plate number KCL 7173 
At 10:50 PM  May 19, 2015 phone number 724-487-4401 called and he claimed to be the driver and threaten me that I have 3 days to remove his picture or he's calling his attorney and he's not responsible for his friend throwing the garbage.  I told him, don't be mad at us, be mad at your friend and tell him to make it right.  Then he said,"there will be a price to pay and assured me there will be trouble made."
This arrogant ass thinks he can walk into our establishment with a lit cigarette and not listen to the rules... Hey dickhead YOU WERE INFORMED.
We get assholes here too...  here in Beaver Falls.  Mother Fucker lost 2 tokens and tried to give him the 2 back and became a rude son of a bitch... Fuck YOU asshole.  
Another real ass... He openly admitted he has no fucking money and I said,  if you're just here to browse, please leave.... He lingered and again I said get out, we're a business to make money.  I guess he needed to view material to get arouse (lol) I guess the material is better than what he is with.
Drunken ass came in said he knows the rules, but looked around and wanted to use the bathroom, knowing he wasn't making a purchase.... You're banned and now you got some free time make an AA appointment.
This person shows up with a hoodie on, we asked him to remove it and this pisses him off as he leaves.  Then he calls the store bitching and stated our dress code should be posted.  I laughed at him and said if I posted all the rules, you'd be out there all day reading them.  I explained it's for security as the bank does this, he said, "we're not a bank, it's a porn store."  I told him we're an Adult Retail as he says he's a stand up citizen with a good job and can't be seen.  As I stated I'm a stand up citizen as well and maybe you should grow a set of balls.  I also said, It's better you don't come in."  
If you attempt to go into a business looking like the Unabomber, don't be surprised, when asked to remove hoodie.
Maverick Bankcard, INC will NOT process our credit cards, due to this link on our webpage.  They don't own or pay for our site and if we would of processed credit cards with their company, this had no reflection on them whatsoever.  They want to be dictators and after talking to a Jeremy and a Brady Goldsmith with this company, they would be one of these assholes on this page.  I wanted answers and I got nothing. I spoke with a Maria from the company, I said you have no problem with the link with adult images and selling products, Maria said that has nothing to do with Maverick being that we use another processor.  I said how in the hell does shoplifters/rude people associate you with that link.  Maria would not answer this.  They will not put this in writing.  Yes after wasting my time filling out the applications for both businesses of course I'm pissed.   
So for the ones on here, this company respects asses like you and support your kind. 
This guy is a real asshole... The cheap bastard walked around with the dildo as if he was going to buy it..... Well turned out either it wasn't big enough for him or just for his cheap thrill of holding it.  As he said we were robbing him (lol) cause of the browsing fee... which I just told him to leave and he even became a bigger asshole... That little dildo was only 16.99.  I just have to add this in here, where in the fuck did he purchase his flip flops, cause the fucktard looks like a clown.  Picture him coming out of a clown car.  
Another entitled asshole who is now banned from illusions2, LLC and Human Nature 18 LLC.  Fuck you and sorry you think our rules don't apply to your cheap ass.
All I asked him, what are you doing.  He exited the video room and walked the sales floor and went back to video room in hall way.  Again I asked what were you doing and he said it's none of my fucking business.  I said fuck you and yes it's my business.  He thinks he can shoot his fucking mouth off cause he thinks others are beneath him, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE !  
YOUR BANNED FROM HUMAN NATURE 18 AND ILLUSIONS2 RETAIL STORES.  You were informed when you left and you will get for trespassing if you return.
Little queen wanted to cruise the sales floor as he was told to read the sign about browsing.  Well he just purchased tokens as he knew he wasn't going to make a purchase.  I called him out on it.  Then he went to the video room bitching about our rules to another queen.  I confronted him and said, "The signs are fucking duplicated because of dumb fucks like you who can't comprehend and if you don't like it.... leave.   Oh he left by telling me to fuck off and he will never be back.  I said that's ok, you will be on our website so you will still be with us.  Well another one who will be hiring his attorney.   These attorneys should be loving me, cause I'm making them RICH !! 
A woman is calling and harassing the staff and making accusations.  Well if anyone wants to call her and ask her what she is asking, her number is listed above.
Wow our rules did NOT settle well with this old bastard.... Then Justin Biebers impersonator who is a female really shot her mouth off too... He threatened to call the police (lol) due to our browsing fee.  We really laugh at jackoffs like this... They wanted to waste our time for their free entertainment in which it bit them in the ass as we have a fee to entertain.... LOL 
This bitch ran her mouth and claimed she didn't hear the message... bullshit... then has no money... Not our problem …. then stopped back and blaming us for not telling her.  Then asked if she was banned from the store... Yes your banned dumb ass.
License Plate # Pa   JCJ7473 P
This gross mother fucker complains about our motion announcement on a message board sex hookup site, but says nothing to us about it.  How rude the announcement is.  Rude?  We didn't tell you to go fuck yourself like I am NOW... It's a simple instruction message telling you to read the sign before entering CUNT.    His screen name is  PGHCOCKLOVER.    We won't advertise the site he goes on, but now you know what type of person we don't want to deal with.  
Agreed to browsing fee knowing that's all they came into do and only pays 5.00  NO ASSHOLES it wasn't 2.50 each.  All they did was walk around and handle the merchandise and laugh... again this is not the kind of business I operate...  This isn't for your cheap thrill entertainment... get a fucking life both of you. 
Wow, Wow, Wow I think this was his word for the day.... He wanted to cruise the show room as we called him out on this and that pissed Pudge off... He stated he wanted to watch movies but look around as we know... "cruise" and that's NOT permitted.  So we kindly exchanged names with each other... right Mr. Big Ass... HOLE
I should call the NAACP and see how they respond of this black man using racial slurs towards me and also threating to shoot me.  All because I would not sell him an erection pill and lube cause he was using a credit card without having photo ID.  
He's banned and NO Trespassing limp dick
This ignorant fucker was kicked out of Human Nature 18 a few months ago... He had the nerve to come back and get confrontational.  He was told to leave once again as I stated this is now criminal Trespassing.   Plate OHIO GAX 9413
Guy in orange ball cap was so flipping pissed off, due to being called out for NOT reading our rules.  Fat bastard of course instructing that it needs placed on the outside... Really as I told him, you didn't even read it as you entered as voice announcement instructed you to... Then the lard ass tried to back over me in his flat bed truck. 
Not only was he informed by clerk of the rules, but other customers told him as well.  Bubba Steeler still browsed the sales floor as if he's entitled to do whatever, Well Big Slob you're NOT better than these assholes.  
The senior citizens thought we were having free adult daycare, but they found out real quick we no longer offer that .  Granny was just in her glory as pap was too, until they were educated about our browsing fee.  They admitted they were just killing time, well the laugh was on them as we killed their date.  Those smiles turned to frowns as Pap even got angry and said we're not paying 5.00 fucking dollars to browse.  Clerk told him it would be 10.00 lol They stormed out... 
This man was a straight up ASSHOLE.  The lady with him was very NICE and we made sure she was not in the photo.  He told me I don't know who I'm dealing with.  I said, "Who are you as I don't give a fuck."  Then trying to tell me how to run my business.. again Fuck YOU
They both read the sign and had no monies.  She said, " I will be back to pay."  Well we know how that goes and here they are... Seriously WTF is wrong with people.  
These people were so drunk, we had to call the State Police.  We would NOT permit them to enter our store as the man was beating on the door and screaming let us in.  This is NOT what we want as customers.  These type of people are the ones to give us a bad reputation.  
This man flipped out on my employee cause of his own ignorance.... He read the sign about browsing as it tells one like himself that purchasing tokens does not permit him to browse the sales floor.  He purchased his tokens and became a problem.  He inquired about a product and he was told its out of stock.  He continued to browse.  Yes the fee applies.  Well this Jerk threatens us that he's contacting the assistant district attorney.... Well asshole this palace is my kingdom and we have rules... You were warned and told.  License plate PA KMK2973 now run to the assistant DA.
Plate #
 North Carolina 1251 MJ
This bastard called our employee a cunt, because he wanted to cruise the show floor and get his carrot dick hard.  He read the sign and was told the rules but the stupid fuck still wanted to do what he wanted to do.  Guess what fuck tard... that's why we put these rules in because of stupid fucks like YOU.
OMG !! This thing of a woman is fucking NUTS.  I greeted her and went over the rules... She fucking flipped out.  She said I'm making a purchase but never again and I'm telling everyone.  I said, this doesn't apply to you if you're making a purchase.  I explained we do this to make it comfortable for you and everyone who shops here.  She said, what I make you uncomfortable, I said you're not even listening.  She said no one makes me uncomfortable, I carry.  I said GET THE FUCK OUT... BITCH.
Prime EXAMPLE !!  The reason we have our rules is due to ones like this.  This entitled bitch stole a I Love Pecker Shot glass.  They had no money even though they read and heard the message and also were informed by clerk of the rules.  They agreed and still abused our policy and the bitch stole from us.  Again this is the trash we don't want and will KEEP OUT.   
Below is pictures.
This guy is such an ass.  He goes onto hookup sites and is a disgusting PIG.  He's all pissed off cause we have rules.  No one bothered him, but he keeps making it about himself, so now we are happy to show his face, which he didn't think we had.... Surprise here you are PIG.  Now get on the disgusting site and post your whiny ass comments and FUCK YOU.  Haven't you got it or understand we DON'T want your kind.
This is another sick motherfucker that posts shit on these sites and read for yourself.  Oh they don't want their face exposed, but we are exposing these sick bastards.  We don't want them in our businesses.


2/23/2019 11:21:59 PM

I have no plans on going to either of them. I go close by like Westgate business park across them across the street in the woods or at buttermilk falls recreation area just pass the turnpike going south on 18
White typical trash.... Smoking at the door and kept ringing bell while smoking.  Hey dumb fuck, that No smoking sign posted should of been a hint.  Then to come in after his stupidity not understanding our rules.  I explained it to him as I had him read it... This asshole just wanted confrontation... I said just leave.   
He not only asked the rules after leaving the video room, but even repeated them back... He still browsed the sales floor and did NOT make a purchase and felt these rules did NOT apply to him.  He than got confrontational as he left and came back inside of store and started his shit again.  He's going to hire is lawyer if he appears on the website.  Well motherfucker if you can't afford 5.00 then good luck getting a public defender up against my 10 lawyers.   FUCK YOU.   His plate number is PA  KCA-6243.
Watch the thief steal our drill out of our mailbox.  We explained our rules when she entered and I stated one of the reasons we have this is due to shoplifters.... and the bitch steals... Prime example
Fucking ASSHOLE !  Refused to pay browsing fee even after being told the rules.... 
This fucking gorilla walked in with attitude and I kindly went over the rules and he got cocky and said what are you going to do when I don't pay the browsing fee.  I said we post assholes who come in and cause problems.  He wanted Jizz Lube which we have and he said you don't have what I want. and called me an Asshole... LOL I said we actually do and he said where and wanted to purchase it.. I said get the fuck out now, you're not buying it from here.   LOL.... he said I will be posted on his website....  GREAT !  Let me know when I am on your site.
He backed into my hedges and fucking crushed them back, I said hey we got to look to see if any damages.  He got all fucking cocky and just said it's all good and left.. Hey asshole have more respect for others property.
He walks in and our lady employee greeted him & went over the rules as he became a real asshole towards her.  He just wanted to see if the place has changed.  He got all cocky with her and said she has attitude.  I witnessed the whole thing and she was nothing but nice to him.  So he's going to have us shut down because of our rules... LOL  HEY DICKHEAD..  FUCK YOU...
Plate Pa   ZNK 2451
Mr Pumpkin dumbass thinks our rules don't apply to him.  Well guess what BITCH, they do.  You were kindly told of our rules and your plump ass browsed.  Don't think you're coming here to disrespect our staff, as you did, but he put your ass out the door.  Another asshole ejected... Bitch
Any of these scum bags who would come onto the property Illusions2 or Human Nature 18 will be charged with Criminal Trespass as they were told never to come back.  
Any of these scum bags who would come onto the property Illusions2 or Human Nature 18 will be charged with Criminal Trespass as they were told never to come back.  
White TRASH here.  Trying to knock our line of products but spent over 40 mins wasting our time and then arguing about browsing fee.  Watch video this is why we have it.
James Ezell is his name from Jackson Alabama.  This is one of the most ignorant arrogant self entitled bastard I have come across.  Just because he did NOT get his own way of how he wanted to do an exchange.  He did NOT want to sign a receipt for the exchange even though it was his dumb ass who made the mistake of his erection stamina purchase.  I had to call the State Police to have this HUGE ASS removed from the property.  I'm a racist according to HIM cause I wouldn't do the exchange.  I can't stand his fucking special of a kind.... Yes there are a SPECIAL KIND of assholes like him OUT THERE.  See you dumb fuck you NOW got placed with all of the other Special kind of people.
I'm just a piece of shit.  I have no life man, I got time to walk into an adult retail business & act like I can read & understand the rules.  I just wanted to walk around so I could get a hardon and leave.  I got easily excited looking at adult products, but to fucking cheap to purchase any.  I gotta run out quickly so I can beat my little dick.
Welcome our newest set of LOSERS !  They looked around as he tells her many times that she needs to fuck him with a dildo.  He wants bigger this time.  As they look at the lingerie and she can get it cheaper at Walmart... LMAO.  Bitch go to Goodwill
KIA   NY Plate  JGU 8809
This clearly shows YOU, what 5.00 KEEPS OUT
OMG, she hears the announcement & ignores it, cause she claimed to have been here before.  Well we don't have the xmas outfit in her size (L).  We didn't even advertise we had xmas outfits, this is just an instore special.  Lady the rule is the rule and you were aware of it... stop being a fuck tard and NO you're not welcome back.  You don't have white privilege here.  The rules apply to all of us.
Richard Klear is on video stealing.  I gave Richard the option of settling out of court, but he refused my offer.  Richard said go ahead it's only a fucking misdemeanor man and he said if you do, you're gonna pay, didn't you see what on my fucking head. I must of been high when I took that item, cause I don't remember.
This fucker is another self entitled asshole and charges are being filed.   ps tattoo is of Satan on his head.  I'm not feared of Satan, but one should be feared of God.  I respect even this assholes beliefs but go to hell.
Vaughn Hudspath, heard our rules as we stopped him to make sure he understood and even approached him once again to make sure he understood the rules.  I even offered assistance if he needed any... watch the video... This jackass had no business or purpose but to be a troublemaker.    Fuck YOU Vaughn
Black 4x4 Pa  Plate ZPA 1582
Fat ass is just another example of another asshole, he had to save his 5.00 for a Mc Fat Burger.