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330-271-7063 called and talking stupid, so if anyone is bored and wanna talk stupid, here is their phone number.  So now as you claimed you like things up your ass maybe someone can help you.  This number was told not to call back in a text.

Oh what a beautiful day on April 07, 2024 until Chunky Chunk comes in to watch movies.  He started his mouth bitching about the 10.00 fee to watch movies.  After he couldn't figure out our video system where you can watch over 60,000 videos, he wanted a refund.  Well he was shown how to operate the system, but Chunky became a bitch as he did stay to watch a movie.  As he left oooh Chunky was still bitching about the 10.00.  I suppose I should of offered him Popcorn or some Chips, but he decided to flip me off (lol)  Well Chunky I told you, you would be posted as you told me I am gonna be sued.  I'm sure you can find a Google attorney somewhere or pick up a box of Cracker Jacks.  


Tadley Hogue posted about the school bus.  First of all, that bus broke down as the female driver had a hell of a time to pull it off the road as she panicked and got it off safely into our lot.  

Tadley likes to patronize our establishment but likes to talk shit about us and others.  Tadley is an attention seeker, so we will give him some.  

The only thing pathetic is YOU coming into Beaver Falls.  

Now YOU SEE who rode the short bus


Kenneth Linamen wanted to come into our establishment and got upset over our 5.00 Browsing fee.  He said he was here to shop, after the rules were explained he became the ass he is.  I said, well there is a difference in shopping or shoplifting.  So the twat ran to his vehicle and got his phone to argue with me from the outside LOL and the pussy even called the police cause his feelings were hurt.  FUCK YOU KENNETH LINAMEN

Can you believe this asshole is a member at DJ's   Well I suppose he'd have to pay for sex somewhere.  

We watched the video and Kenneth is filing a report with the Boro LMAO... FILE THIS  FUCK YOU you stupid mother fucker.  KAREN ALERT KAREN KAREN KAREN  LOL 

This fucking TROLL is EXACTLY what WE KEEP OUT... He was told never to come back as he wanted to cruise here.  He was told to take his ass back down the road where his kind hang out.  Look at the desperate troll, where's the puke emoji 

William Catalina, You came & wanted to view movies and when told 5.00 your ass wanted to cruise the sales floor instead.  Queen Catalina this isn't the Red Light District shopping for a man in a window & if you really wanted a dick on the wall, we have many to choose from.  Don't give that bullshit line, what if you don't have what I want.  You wanted dick and we have it, Bitch

​This guy is a complete idiot.. Hopefully this girl will dump his stupid ass... she was very kind and wish we could of blocked her out... unfortunately this isn't her first time of being embarrassed with him. The MALE Karen was bitching cause we require a temperature check.. listen to him make an ass out of himself..  Typical MASKHOLE... even though at this time we don't require one.


James Ray a true Karen ran to Google cause of our rules... Bitch please, Get a fucking life.  We don't want your kind in here and 5.00 took the trash out.

shoplifters__element628 (1).jpg

Well it's been awhile since we had to add another ass.  This clown refused to let us age verify him as we do everyone that comes in.  His comment was well I'm over 21 and I replied back yes you are but we I.D. everyone as this keeps the asses out of here... as he is shaking and will not give me I.D. and said that's illegal... LMAO I said well if you aren't doing anything wrong you have nothing to worry about... as he becomes a fucking dick... I said bye and see it's because of assholes like you is why we do it... it WORKS... So you old fuck.. fuck YOU and go back to TEXAS... 

Scott Alan Jackson from New Galilee, decided he was not paying the browsing fee, cause he got butt hurt.  He thought he was a comedian as if he was going to run out without paying for merchandise and I said go for it, door is locked. Oh I can get through that.  Why the petty little man got butt hurt was because he questioned the cost even though item is clearly marked with price.  I said maybe you need a new script.  LMAO that set him off with rage... my god look at those thick glasses, I was just making a suggestion.  He questioned the hell out of lube cause he gets lumps and balls from what he uses now... Maybe he needs to wash that dirty cock after each use.

​Roger Dillon was asked to cover his nose and got vulgar with me, told me to fuck off and asked if I'm the owner.. I said it doesn't matter... Guess what KAREN requested me and I said, Ya I'm the fucking owner... and just grow up and wear it right.  He will never be back.... NO HE WON"T BE as he was told not to come back.... OMG KAREN GROW UP


Chunk & Chunky clearly heard the rules, but the CHUNKS feel they were above the rules.  Video above.

PA Plate KXW 0193

White typical trash.... Smoking at the door and kept ringing bell while smoking.  Hey dumb fuck, that No smoking sign posted should of been a hint.  Then to come in after his stupidity not understanding our rules.  I explained it to him as I had him read it... This asshole just wanted confrontation... I said just leave. 

This fucking dickhead should of been ejected the moment he walked in.   So he needs Boner Pills and all he knows they are gold... We carry over 60 Pills and the fucking ass getting all cocky cause I don't know what will get his dick up.  Fuck YOU you stupid mother fucker.  Yes he was a real KAREN

update :   she was charged for littering.  just think she was due to have a baby... good lord another one of her... God help us all.


Ohhh litter bug... litter bug,,now you gonna catch a charge for that with the state you dumb ass LOL  just to inform you, it's illegal to litter LMAO  see you in court soon ... I'll bring some trash bags and ask the judge if he will make you pick up trash and not fine you ....  community service would fit  you good

Fucking ass.. The doors are posted that MASKED must be worn at ALL times.. well he was told put it on... then he thinks he's gonna browse the sales floor so he can kill time after being in video room.  I politely told him the rules and he got NASTY..  guess what asshole FUCK YOU.. ur a special kind of special dick head.  

PA License Plate LGS 2251


Black 4x4 Pa  Plate ZPA 1582

Fat ass is just another example of another asshole, he had to save his 5.00 for a Mc Fat Burger.

Mark Holbein from Freeport Pa, thinks he can tell us how to run our business.  Well Mark, as you stated, you own a tobacco shop but I think your girlfriend does, but fuck YOU.  We I.D. every person that comes thru that door.  As I explained that to you, but you're offended now... Fuck TARD you could of easily turned around and walked out.  YOU and the other asses are the REASON why WE do this.  So go on those sites and spread the news you got kicked out.  LOL  and if you happen to go on those sites where they are GROSS, we DON"T want them here, so a big THANK YOU.

shoplifters__element492 (1).webp

This guy is such an ass.  He goes onto hookup sites and is a disgusting PIG.  He's all pissed off cause we have rules.  No one bothered him, but he keeps making it about himself, so now we are happy to show his face, which he didn't think we had.... Surprise here you are PIG.  Now get on the disgusting site and post your whiny ass comments and FUCK YOU.  Haven't you got it or understand we DON'T want your kind.

Tyler Michlich busted for shoplifting, well to no surprise this, isn't the first time.  He's a real piece of shit and just look up Pa Judicial and you will see for yourself.  After settling out of court, this dickhead flips me off... LOL His partner/buddy paid his settlement... as we look up the partner.. OMG u should be paying your fucking rent you squatter !

Prime EXAMPLE !!  The reason we have our rules is due to ones like this.  This entitled bitch stole a I Love Pecker Shot glass.  They had no money even though they read and heard the message and also were informed by clerk of the rules.  They agreed and still abused our policy and the bitch stole from us.  Again this is the trash we don't want and will KEEP OUT.   

OMG !! This thing of a woman is fucking NUTS.  I greeted her and went over the rules... She fucking flipped out.  She said I'm making a purchase but never again and I'm telling everyone.  I said, this doesn't apply to you if you're making a purchase.  I explained we do this to make it comfortable for you and everyone who shops here.  She said, what I make you uncomfortable, I said you're not even listening.  She said no one makes me uncomfortable, I carry.  I said GET THE FUCK OUT... BITCH.

This bastard called our employee a cunt, because he wanted to cruise the show floor and get his carrot dick hard.  He read the sign and was told the rules but the stupid fuck still wanted to do what he wanted to do.  Guess what fuck tard... that's why we put these rules in because of stupid fucks like YOU

He stated we our fucking democrats and called me queer cause we enforce the masks.. No I'm not a selfish bastard like you asshole.. 

Hey fuck tard !!! We all have RIGHTS and you're not nothing special asshole.  FUCK YOU.   LOOK the sign in front of you says Mask required as it did when you entered asshole.... so FUCK YOU

Took several times for this ass to understand our policy.  As he made it clear he wasn't paying if he didn't find what he was looking for.  These type never find what they were looking for as they don't even know what they are looking for. 

He walks in and our lady employee greeted him & went over the rules as he became a real asshole towards her.  He just wanted to see if the place has changed.  He got all cocky with her and said she has attitude.  I witnessed the whole thing and she was nothing but nice to him.  So he's going to have us shut down because of our rules... LOL  HEY DICKHEAD..  FUCK YOU

Watch the thief steal our drill out of our mailbox.  We explained our rules when she entered and I stated one of the reasons we have this is due to shoplifters.... and the bitch steals... Prime example

Guy in orange ball cap was so flipping pissed off, due to being called out for NOT reading our rules.  Fat bastard of course instructing that it needs placed on the outside... Really as I told him, you didn't even read it as you entered as voice announcement instructed you to... Then the lard ass tried to back over me in his flat bed truck.

They both read the sign and had no monies.  She said, " I will be back to pay."  Well we know how that goes and here they are... Seriously WTF is wrong with people.  

This is one self entitled asshole... NO you're nothing but a cheap mother fucker.  Your company is shitty for having you as an employee and now they can be proud of you coming in to our adult retail store for you to get a hard on as you got ur thrills and made the rest of us uncomfortable.   It's dicks like you why we got RULES.  now go jackoff little dick.

OMG, she hears the announcement & ignores it, cause she claimed to have been here before.  Well we don't have the xmas outfit in her size (L).  We didn't even advertise we had xmas outfits, this is just an instore special.  Lady the rule is the rule and you were aware of it... stop being a fuck tard and NO you're not welcome back.  You don't have white privilege here.  The rules apply to all of us

I'm just a piece of shit.  I have no life man, I got time to walk into an adult retail business & act like I can read & understand the rules.  I just wanted to walk around so I could get a hardon and leave.  I got easily excited looking at adult products, but to fucking cheap to purchase any.  I gotta run out quickly so I can beat my little dick.

Welcome our newest set of LOSERS !  They looked around as he tells her many times that she needs to fuck him with a dildo.  He wants bigger this time.  As they look at the lingerie and she can get it cheaper at Walmart... LMAO.  Bitch go to Goodwill

White TRASH here.  Trying to knock our line of products but spent over 40 mins wasting our time and then arguing about browsing fee.  Watch video this is why we have it.  Watch Video Above

He backed into my hedges and fucking crushed them back, I said hey we got to look to see if any damages.  He got all fucking cocky and just said it's all good and left.. Hey asshole have more respect for others property.

He not only asked the rules after leaving the video room, but even repeated them back... He still browsed the sales floor and did NOT make a purchase and felt these rules did NOT apply to him.  He than got confrontational as he left and came back inside of store and started his shit again.  He's going to hire is lawyer if he appears on the website.  Well motherfucker if you can't afford 5.00 then good luck getting a public defender up against my 10 lawyers.   FUCK YOU.   His plate number is PA  KCA-6243

Not only was he informed by clerk of the rules, but other customers told him as well.  Bubba Steeler still browsed the sales floor as if he's entitled to do whatever, Well Big Slob you're NOT better than these assholes.  

This fucking gorilla walked in with attitude and I kindly went over the rules and he got cocky and said what are you going to do when I don't pay the browsing fee.  I said we post assholes who come in and cause problems.  He wanted Jizz Lube which we have and he said you don't have what I want. and called me an Asshole... LOL I said we actually do and he said where and wanted to purchase it.. I said get the fuck out now, you're not buying it from here.   LOL.... he said I will be posted on his website....  GREAT !  Let me know when I am on your site.

This is another sick motherfucker that posts shit on these sites and read for yourself.  Oh they don't want their face exposed, but we are exposing these sick bastards.  We don't want them in our businesses.



The senior citizens thought we were having free adult daycare, but they found out real quick we no longer offer that .  Granny was just in her glory as pap was too, until they were educated about our browsing fee.  They admitted they were just killing time, well the laugh was on them as we killed their date.  Those smiles turned to frowns as Pap even got angry and said we're not paying 5.00 fucking dollars to browse.  Clerk told him it would be 10.00 lol They stormed out..

They both read the sign and had no monies.  She said, " I will be back to pay."  Well we know how that goes and here they are... Seriously WTF is wrong with people. 

These people were so drunk, we had to call the State Police.  We would NOT permit them to enter our store as the man was beating on the door and screaming let us in.  This is NOT what we want as customers.  These type of people are the ones to give us a bad reputation.

Richard Klear is on video stealing.  I gave Richard the option of settling out of court, but he refused my offer.  Richard said go ahead it's only a fucking misdemeanor man and he said if you do, you're gonna pay, didn't you see what on my fucking head. I must of been high when I took that item, cause I don't remember.

This fucker is another self entitled asshole and charges are being filed.   ps tattoo is of Satan on his head.  I'm not feared of Satan, but one should be feared of God.  I respect even this assholes beliefs but go to hell.

James Ezell is his name from Jackson Alabama.  This is one of the most ignorant arrogant self entitled bastard I have come across.  Just because he did NOT get his own way of how he wanted to do an exchange.  He did NOT want to sign a receipt for the exchange even though it was his dumb ass who made the mistake of his erection stamina purchase.  I had to call the State Police to have this HUGE ASS removed from the property.  I'm a racist according to HIM cause I wouldn't do the exchange.  I can't stand his fucking special of a kind.... Yes there are a SPECIAL KIND of assholes like him OUT THERE.  See you dumb fuck you NOW got placed with all of the other Special kind of people.

Mr Pumpkin dumbass thinks our rules don't apply to him.  Well guess what BITCH, they do.  You were kindly told of our rules and your plump ass browsed.  Don't think you're coming here to disrespect our staff, as you did, but he put your ass out the door.  Another asshole ejected... Bitch

Fucking ASSHOLE !  Refused to pay browsing fee even after being told the rules...

This man flipped out on my employee cause of his own ignorance.... He read the sign about browsing as it tells one like himself that purchasing tokens does not permit him to browse the sales floor.  He purchased his tokens and became a problem.  He inquired about a product and he was told its out of stock.  He continued to browse.  Yes the fee applies.  Well this Jerk threatens us that he's contacting the assistant district attorney.... Well asshole this palace is my kingdom and we have rules... You were warned and told.  License plate PA KMK2973 now run to the assistant DA.

This man was a straight up ASSHOLE.  The lady with him was very NICE and we made sure she was not in the photo.  He told me I don't know who I'm dealing with.  I said, "Who are you as I don't give a fuck."  Then trying to tell me how to run my business.. again Fuck YOU

This ignorant fucker was kicked out of Human Nature 18 a few months ago... He had the nerve to come back and get confrontational.  He was told to leave once again as I stated this is now criminal Trespassing.   Plate OHIO GAX 9413

I should call the NAACP and see how they respond of this black man using racial slurs towards me and also threating to shoot me.  All because I would not sell him an erection pill and lube cause he was using a credit card without having photo ID.  

He's banned and NO Trespassing limp dick

Wow, Wow, Wow I think this was his word for the day.... He wanted to cruise the show room as we called him out on this and that pissed Pudge off... He stated he wanted to watch movies but look around as we know... "cruise" and that's NOT permitted.  So we kindly exchanged names with each other... right Mr. Big Ass... HOLE

This gross mother fucker complains about our motion announcement on a message board sex hookup site, but says nothing to us about it.  How rude the announcement is.  Rude?  We didn't tell you to go fuck yourself like I am NOW... It's a simple instruction message telling you to read the sign before entering CUNT.    His screen name is  PGHCOCKLOVER.    We won't advertise the site he goes on, but now you know what type of person we don't want to deal with.  

Little queen wanted to cruise the sales floor as he was told to read the sign about browsing.  Well he just purchased tokens as he knew he wasn't going to make a purchase.  I called him out on it.  Then he went to the video room bitching about our rules to another queen.  I confronted him and said, "The signs are fucking duplicated because of dumb fucks like you who can't comprehend and if you don't like it.... leave.   Oh he left by telling me to fuck off and he will never be back.  I said that's ok, you will be on our website so you will still be with us.  Well another one who will be hiring his attorney.   These attorneys should be loving me, cause I'm making them RICH !! 

Agreed to browsing fee knowing that's all they came into do and only pays 5.00  NO ASSHOLES it wasn't 2.50 each.  All they did was walk around and handle the merchandise and laugh... again this is not the kind of business I operate...  This isn't for your cheap thrill entertainment... get a fucking life both of you.

This bitch ran her mouth and claimed she didn't hear the message... bullshit... then has no money... Not our problem …. then stopped back and blaming us for not telling her.  Then asked if she was banned from the store... Yes your banned dumb ass.

Wow our rules did NOT settle well with this old bastard.... Then Justin Biebers impersonator who is a female really shot her mouth off too... He threatened to call the police (lol) due to our browsing fee.  We really laugh at jackoffs like this... They wanted to waste our time for their free entertainment in which it bit them in the ass as we have a fee to entertain.... LOL 

All I asked him, what are you doing.  He exited the video room and walked the sales floor and went back to video room in hall way.  Again I asked what were you doing and he said it's none of my fucking business.  I said fuck you and yes it's my business.  He thinks he can shoot his fucking mouth off cause he thinks others are beneath him, FUCK YOU ASSHOLE !  

YOUR BANNED FROM HUMAN NATURE 18 AND ILLUSIONS2 RETAIL STORES.  You were informed when you left and you will get for trespassing if you return.

Another entitled asshole who is now banned from illusions2, LLC and Human Nature 18 LLC.  Fuck you and sorry you think our rules don't apply to your cheap ass.

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